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Location / Day

Arcadia Levenshulme
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09:15-10:15 YOGA

10:00-11:00 CHAIR YOGA

19:30-21:00 YOGA


11:15-12:15 YOGA

20:00-21:30 YOGA

Hough End
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11:00-12:00 YOGA
12:30-13:30 PILATES
12:30-13:30 YOGA

Manchester Aquatics Centre
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07:30-08:15 YOGA

North City Family Fitness Centre
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19:15-20:15 YOGA
East Manchester Leisure Centre
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        18:00 -19:15 YOGA

Offerton Community Centre
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10:30-11:30 CHAIR YOGA

Mustard Tree
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14:00-15:00 CHAIR YOGA

These are all beginners/mixed ability Yoga classes with emphasis on breathing, finding ease in movement, exercise, through sun salutations and steady postures.
There will be recovery time between postures and time for relaxation.
Every body is different. You will be encouraged to concentrate on your own practice as part of a non-competitive group. You will be guided into postures but it is important that you listen to your body and find a balance between effort and not over-doing anything.

Regular Yoga practice can improve your strength, flexibility, range of movement, awareness and well being. It can help alleviate backache, stress, insomnia and improve your concentration.
Mats are provided but it's always good to have your own mat, arrive on time and wear loose/stretch, comfortable clothing.

Any questions or for more information please get in contact.

If you require a more personal/individual Yoga session, a somatic exercise coach, Yoga + Massage, or cover for a class please get in contact.








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