To join a class (meeting) click the link:

or my zoom meeting ID number is: 805-782-3791

You will have to message me for a password.

and donate if you can. Thanks.

If I know you are coming in new to online classes I can be present in class 15 mins before time to allow you to sort out any tech issues.


Muting really helps to keep the sound of the class clear - your mute button (microphone) is normally on the bottom left of your app screen.

If you have a camera please switch it on (if your bandwidth allows) as it helps me to see you and adds to the group 'feeling'

Every body is different.

I will encourage you to focus on your practice and self enquiry, guide you into postures and through movements.
It is important that you listen to your body and find a balance between effort and not over-doing it or simply doing what ever feels appropriate on the day for you, in the moment, as long as it is safe.

If you are new to any movement practise do half of what you think you can do and then see how that feels the next day and go from there.

If it feels wrong, then it might well be wrong for your body. Listen and respond appropriately by doing less, not doing it at all or just something different that feels OK.
(it really is OK to just lay down and rest or do something different)

Please bare in mind your environment and make yourself an as clear and quiet space as you can.
(to avoid knocking things over onto yourself and noise from televisions interuptions from phones etc)

Payments for online classes will be donation based so you can offer what you can afford. Follow the link paypal.me/JYOGA

Please be patient and kind to my mistakes :)















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