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Ordering a Portrait

Sending a photo to work from

Choose a favorite photo of your pet or person, if you're not sure, send me a few and I can email/post you some examples of how your portrait will look. Cropped head and shoulders work really well with this style of portrait. If you don't have any photo's of your pet I can come and take some digital photos of the animal/reptile/person/insect/fish! - (this can be part of the service providing you are not too far from the greater manchester area)

Choosing a colour

What colours do you like? Any combination is possible. Choosing lighter colours for your backdrop and a darker ones or black for your subject works best. Bright simple colour combinations work really well with this pop art style portrait.
Ink overlaps in some designs gives you a third colour, adding another dimension.

Matching your interior colour scheme

Your portrait can be painted to fit in exactly with your colour scheme. For example, let's say your Lounge is painted in Dulux White with Magnolia and a Cafe Latte brown. Ill pick the same colours, complement them, and use them to paint your pooch. Imagine... your white wall with a caffe latte and magnolia portrait of your beloved pet not only looking as cute as ever - but matching the room! Fantastic. You might even want to pick out that pink cushion on the sofa!


In Pop Art, Andy Warhol's use of multiples featured in portraits of marilyn monroe. Her photo image was repeated 25 times across the canvas. Imagine your pet in multiple.

Every portrait is going to be unique to you. You may require a square or rectangular shape depending on where you plan to hang your picture.
Essentially I'm aiming to provide you with a screen printed/hand paint mix.
(hand painted in a similar style if it is too large for me to print)
A portrait of the animal/subject with a colour background and the subject's name if required.
Here's a price guide...

Price Guide

size range approx type price
A4 to smaller boxed canvas £65
A3 down to A4 boxed canvas £85
A2 down to A3 boxed canvas £100
500mm x 700mm boxed canvas £120
650mm x 800mm boxed canvas £150
Larger sizes and shapes to suit boxed canvas email for a quote

The possibilities are of course endless and it all depends on what you want, which we can discuss in person, over the phone or by email. Following that I can email you with some idea of how your artwork will look..
You may like to think about a more detailed portrait with scenes for example, of your pets favorite walk/park/place/things or toys.


Greater Manchester delivery or pick up free
Postage by Royal Mail / Parcel force - not included in the price - Usually around £10 within the UK



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