I'm a creative and curious soul from a fairly regular working non-academic background.

I once stumbled upon a hidden treasure at a local gym—a yoga class that captured my attention. The practice provided a sanctuary of calm, peace, and focus for my usually scattered mind, while also strengthening my body and alleviating aches and pains.

Although my body isn't naturally flexible or acrobatic, I embarked on my yoga journey after years of working as a postman and graphic designer. My body reflected my regular working life, which I think has helped my teaching in classes all the more relatable.

In 2015, I ventured to Kerala, South India, to delve deeper into the practice. Immersed in an Ashram, I completed my first transformative teacher training course and realized that yoga was destined to become a significant part of my life.

Driven by a genuine desire to share the benefits of yoga with others, I began teaching part-time while continuously expanding my knowledge. In 2017, after a decade at Royal Mail, I took the leap and became a full-time self-employed yoga teacher.


In June 2018, I obtained certification as a Somatic Exercise Coach under the guidance of Lisa Petersen at Living Yoga. This particular path of exploration revolutionized my personal practice and teaching approach, emphasizing the importance of self-empowerment through yoga.

For over eight years, I have led yoga asana classes with pranayama and mindful movement in Manchester, accumulating over 3000 hours of teaching experience. I have conducted classes in diverse settings, including leisure centers, community centers, inner-city schools, colleges, universities, private offices, and online via Zoom. Thriving in the bustling environment of leisure centers, my adaptability and creative flair have been invaluable. I strive to foster a non-competitive, serene, and lighthearted atmosphere in my popular classes, blending the energy of group practice with individual focus. By encouraging mindful movement and offering moments for introspection, I aim to facilitate a peaceful practice that allows participants to carry a sense of well-being throughout their day.

As an advocate for personal growth, I actively participate in workshops and further training. Here are some of my most recent endeavors:

The Inspiring Yoga Teacher: A Blueprint for Teacher - Student Transformation 8 wks Lisa Petersen (2023)
Somatic Exercise Coach as Assistant 75hrs Lisa Petersen (2023)
J Brown 500hr Yoga Teacher Training (2022)
Befriending the Breath, Space and Gravity Immersion Series (2022) Lisa Petersen
Somatic Immersion Series (2022) Lisa Petersen
Livestream Class Series (2022) Donna Farhi Lisa Petersen Neal Ghoshal
Somatic Immersion Series (2021) Lisa Petersen
Restorative Yoga with Adelene Cheong
Laban / Barteneiff fundamentals with Alexandra Baybutt
Body Mind Centering with the STEM/Embody-Move teachers and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

and before lockdown in person:

Intelligent Yoga: A CPD weekend with Peter Blackaby (March 2020)
The Embryology of Communication: Cells, Blood and Fluid Movements with Amy Matthews (Nov 2019)
Somatics CPD: Pelvis, pelvic floor, psoas, sacrum and jaw theme Lisa Petersen. (Sept 2019).
Coming Back to the Senses with Donna Farhi (June 2019)
Gentle is the New Advanced with J Brown at Triyoga, London. (Jan 2019)
Breath Centered Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff at Triyoga, London. (June 2018)
Moving from Centre with Gaby Porter.
Somatic Movement Education with Lisa Petersen, Gaby Porter & Maggie Peasewood.
Embodied Yoga with Amanda Latchmore,
Yoga with Christine Howitt,
Core stability CPD with GLL and Kirtan.
Yoga Teacher Training 200hr Alliance RYS Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. (Jan 2015)

I regularly attend Bhakti yoga sessions because I love the music and I often go to a classes in person and more recently on-line which inspires and informs my own practice.

With a background in graphic design, the arts, and occupational therapy, there’s a lot of other stuff I can also bring to the table!









photographer: Helen Roscoe www.roscoerutter.com







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