These classes are essential for wellbeing I've attended the classes from when Jamie started working here 2017 and since then have not had to go to hospital since with hip problems as these classes have given me the knowdege on how to look after my body in terms of not overstretching and helped with my other yoga practice, the somatic class to me is a lifeline, I love the diversity of the class and we have many long standing people attending so has a sense of community. The added edition of mindfulness is an amazing thing for wellbeing in Manchester nothing like this in the city.
Ruth M19

I feel prompted to write to thank you so much for these sessions. I am beginning a very slow journey back to recovery and health, all being well. I have been feeling very anxious about returning to exercise classes because I am not able to do nearly as much as I used to be able to do and my energy levels have not yet returned, although they are improving. The gentle movement and encouragement not to push my body and to take things slowly was very welcome and exactly what I needed. I have never attended a yoga class that was so gentle and yet so powerful.

I have also been feeling very isolated at home as I have been off work and my immunity has been compromised owing to the treatment. Jamie was very friendly and approachable. He created a welcoming space that felt safe and inclusive of all abilities. The invitation to stay after the mindfulness session, to drink herbal tea, chat and relax before the yoga session was lovely. It enabled me to connect socially to other participants - another really important aspect of health, often overlooked.

Thank you so much for making these sessions possible and for creating the opportunity for Jamie to do his beautiful work
Martina M19

Jamie’s yoga class has been exactly what I needed. I’ve had hip and back problems, which yoga has aggravated in the past, encouraging over-exertion, but Jamie’s class has really helped. He takes time to make sure the basics are done right whilst still being challenging and progressive. I’ve been to loads of different classes in the past but this is the first which has become a regular.

I started to attend the chair yoga a few years ago, when it 1st started. At the time I had no idea what chair yoga looked like but I was willing to try it out as I was having problems with my lower back and found it difficult to stand for any length of time. At 1st it was difficult to follow the yoga movements but as I was in a group of people at different ages abilities and knowledge of yoga. We seemed to gel as a group and I know that I have found friendships with people.

Chair Yoga has helped me to be more mobile and move easier. I have more definition in my arms and legs which was not there prior to my attendance.

In somatic sessions we do gentle and slow exercises, One week it might be our top halves and following week it might be our lower halves. Again we concentrate on our own breathing and at the end of the session we have a few minutes of relaxation.

This has helped to strengthen a sore shoulder and increase my range of mobility without having to see my GP or take medication.

All in all I never thought that yoga (even in it’s modified way) was something I would even do. It has helped me to relax and even sleep better as I incorporate breathing techniques to help me to relax and not feel tense, and thus sleep better.
Teresa SK4

I have very much enjoyed attending the yoga classes, particularly the somatic yoga sessions on Wednesday mornings. As someone who has a history of chronic back and neck pain throughout their adult life (and not always having access to physiotherapy due to long waiting times), the somatic yoga has been extremely beneficial, both physically and mentally for my health.
Similar sessions appear not to exist in Levenshulme.

I've been attending Jamie's Somatic Yoga classes at Arcadia, Levenshulme, for a couple of years now and the reason I will go on doing so is that they continue to have a beneficial effect in making me feel physically less tense and much more aware of how to find a mental focus on parts of my body that give rise to tension, particularly my back. I always look forward to the classes and I very much like the gentle and detailed way Jamie supervises them. Thanks Jamie!

Jamie's yoga is extremely beneficial for all ages and bodies. He is really well prepared and knows what he is doing. I have been doing yoga for years, and he structured the lesson and give options for everybody to enjoy.

I was a complete beginner but found the class welcoming and easy to follow for those at all levels. It's really helped with my lower back pain.
Michelle M21

I'd never done yoga before and was a little apprehensive. Jamie has put me at ease. Everything is explained and you can go at your own pace.
Loiraine M14

Love the class, especially the oppurtunity to breath properly. Really enjoy the sun salutations and somatic movements.

I like the time I am given to think and relax. Good to see my strength improve. I also love that you don't show off and make us feel crap.
Laura M19

I was a complete beginner but found the class welcoming and easy to follow for those at all levels. It's really helped with my lower back pain.
Michelle M21

Great class. Jamie is funny and a great teacher.
Clare M19

Joining Jamie's class is the best thing I have done in a long time. His essence as a teacher is just right for me, his mix of gentle yoga & breath work. I always come away feeling healthier and happier in mind, body and spirit.
Cath M19

A great teacher. An atmosphere of peace and serenity. His passion and love of yoga is ever present in his teaching. I look forward to this class all week.
Sacha M16

Thankyou for the amazing classes you give. They helped me in many ways and they supported me through some challenging times by teaching me thinkgs I will always treasure
Maria Brazil














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