You're in the right place to find out about me and my classes.

I'm a qualified Yoga teacher and Somatic Exercise Coach offering classes, cover and one to one sessions in Manchester, UK.

My aim is simple.

To inspire people to take up a breath centered mindful movement practise in which I hope they would to find more ease and enjoyment in their bodies, their breath and find some moments of pause in their busy lives and minds.

Thursdays 18:30-19:30 from 2nd September 2021
at Halle @ St. Michaels 36 - 38 George Leigh St.

It's a large hall with great ventilation so there's plenty of space.
You will be able to rock up on the night and pay by card/contactless without booking like in the past.

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I hope my classes create an environment in which we can all feel safe, more grounded and generate a sense of well being.
P erhaps we could radiate that sense of inner peace into our communities, our cities and beyond.

I am also currently offering some live and online classes via ZOOM

My in person classes at the local authority leisure centres also returned from 17th May 2021


"Joining Jamie's class is the best thing I have done in a long time. His essence as a teacher is just right for me, his mix of gentle yoga & breath work. I always come away feeling healthier and happier in mind, body and spirit."
Cath M19

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